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Jan 2, 2008 18:40 [ 1 ]

First trax yet again down the col de frofsite...ahhhh freshness! Bonne Année and eat me bloody leftovahs!

Hope all are happy and well!

Yoddle-aye-hee-hoooooo dudes and dudettes!

Steve Carroll
Jan 10, 2008 20:25 [ 2 ]

Does anyone have contact info for Ralph (Troll) Robinson?

Jennifer Smith
Jan 17, 2008 02:30 [ 3 ]

Happy 2008 Everyone! Tim & I are still in England. Sean is at the University of Toronto and Graham is at the Architecturaly Association School of Architecture in London. No need to say where all of our earnings are going! We moved house in 2007 and I turned 50 (going on 25). This October we'll have been married 25 years - seems like only the other day we were living in the penthouse, I was pregnant & Tim was Bar Manager. Wouldn't mind living in the penthouse again but not the other things! Hope everyone else is well. Can someone tell me how to download pictures onto the photo gallery - we have a few Leysin pics we could share.

richard leach
Jan 25, 2008 16:35 [ 4 ]

Does anyone have contact with Anne Hazard Campbell, American College and frequent Vagabonder 1966-7-8? I was a barman ove the winter of 67-8. Cheers.

Allen Hill
Jan 27, 2008 10:19 [ 5 ]

Five years ago I was given membership so that I might post in the guest book for potential help in producing a documentary film about The Vag during the late sixties and early seventies. Many people took the time to write me and I was in a excellent position to start the film. Then a series of impossibly tragic family problem came out of nowhere and I dropped the ball. I'd like to post again and apologize for wasting their time. I'd also like to ask for help once again as I'm in a very good position to start the film this spring. I have enough money secured so I can travel with my sound man and conduct some interviews. Anyhow I'm real sorry for the long delay in this note. Thank you so much

Allen Hill 303-898-8633

Allen Hill
Jan 29, 2008 21:54 [ 6 ]

This is my post from 02. Thanks again and again my apologies for falling off the planet

Allen Hill - Hi, I'm a documentary director interested in mountain cultures and or sub-cultures. My last film Jump! has recently won many awards including at Trento, Banff, and Torello.

I'm very interested in making a film about the scene at the Vag during the 60's and 70's. I think it would be a great way to look at that era of mountaineering... also as a reflection of bigger issues... the war etc.

The era of Kor, Harlin, Haston, and latter Boardman interest me the most. If anyone has a good story to relate it would be appricated. Also, the TV people always want old photos and film footage in stories like this. Anything like that out there?

I'm in Colorado (Jan. 13) right now but will be in Portland for the next month or so. Thus for now e-mail contact is best.

Thanks! Allen Hill 303-898-8633

Steve Thomas
Feb 1, 2008 20:47 [ 7 ]

Just a quick post to say I was in Vagabond just after Christmas as I know the current owner, a lovely Polish lady whose an Architect and she suggested I visit the FROF site to post on here that we are now selling Chalets and Apartments in the village should anyone be interested in buying in the village.

While we don't own in Leysin we're an English family who own a property in Haute Nendaz further up the Rhone Valley. I've no idea if the "Editor" will remove this, which will be a real shame as we are a small family company and we've met some lovely people from around the world while selling Swiss property who have become very good friend.

Anyone interested in property there including chalets on the Mayen Slope give me a call on +44 (0)1722 743 662 or visit the website

Hope we'll hear from you.

Feb 4, 2008 02:47 [ 8 ]

Kia ora from Rangiora - well Ive finally tracked down the date for Paul Dickies 50th - Roll call at 1700hrs on the deck (ah sorry didn't catch which particular deck he was on about) - happy hour will commence then - the date I hear you ask? the 5th April 2008. The place? Akaroa, Banks Penisula, just one hour away from Christchurch - we do not take responsibility for any lost froffies by the way - if you feel as though you need a break and you would like to come down under maybe sit by the sea and eat seafood, Come on Down! Can't promise you sun as we are heading into autumn at this time however ya might be lucky!. If you want to help Mr dickie celebrate this monumentus occasion - we would love to see you :) any queries can be directed to the delectable Kaye (the wife) 0064 3 304 8455 (if your calling from outside Godzone) Love always Kimi xxxx

jon travers
Feb 5, 2008 02:41 [ 9 ]

Kung Hei Fat Choi, Happy New Year for the year of the Rat. That's us , Benni, Andre and all those born in'36,'48,'72 etc, survivors of the storm, opportunists, sentimental, loyal, playboy/girl of the Eastern World(this is what is says in the book, translated from Mandarin by Vi.)With an echo down memory lane have a good one all you good Vagabonders. Love Jon and Vi.

Andy Anderson
Feb 22, 2008 23:34 [ 10 ]

Hi all, hadn't looked in the site for a while, but was over in Golden BC chatting w Ken Chilli (new Vag lodge) last weekend and naturally some reminiscing took place which prompted me to check out the site again! ..Dan, good work on the updated look ! We, (Laura, myself and sons J.P. and Nick) still hanging our hat here in Canmore/Banff in the Canadian Rockies, still in the Heli-Ski growing like weeds-Nick now 10 and JP 12-he's following his namessake(JP Hefti) to become an aspiring ski racer! Winter's spent skiing, summer's lots of hiking/biking and always a big road trip(gotta train the boys in that art!).Took our camper van to Yukon / Alaska for a month in '07 and backpacked the Chilkoot (Goldrush) trail while we were there..amazing country..should be on everyone's to-do list. Anyone passing this way -look us up(Jim Pearce, of Le Nord bakery infamy, dropped in a year or so ago..!) Am hoping to get to Leysin for a day or two in late June( am going for quick visit to Atomic ski factory in Austria )..see if I can add that into the trip... Cheers, Andy .(Leysin '72 thru '89)

anita blaschak
Feb 26, 2008 05:02 [ 11 ]

ACS/Vag - Student at both

Elmar Wahle
Feb 26, 2008 14:25 [ 12 ]

Hi, this is Elmar from the past. I´m so happy you´r still there. I have been ill for the last two years, coma an and so on. Club Vag. the gratest place in Switzerland. Keep in tutch. Love Elmar

Alex Gardos
Mar 13, 2008 19:28 [ 13 ]

Hey folks, I recently entered a Fan-atic contest to go traveling with a cool dude from the named Tony Bourdain. He's got a great TV show called No Reservations. I uploaded a video pitching Leysin as our destination. Probably won't get picked but if it does, I think it will be a great way to promo the village. Check it out and vote for it by logging on and searching for the video. My username is gardostrip.

Dave Thomas
Mar 25, 2008 05:07 [ 14 ]

Hi all, came across this site again drifting through the Facebook page for the Club Vagabond...hope everyone is well. Loved going back to Leysin in '04 for the ACS reunion, but not quite the same as it was in the early '80's...much more me... Still hanging my shingle in Vancouver, love to see any Leysinouds passing this way...

Lyle Confrey
Mar 30, 2008 01:14 [ 15 ]

Was in Leysin winter 1972-73. Stayed at the Club Vagabond one week and liked it so much I got an apartment over the Kodak place and a waitressing job in Aigle. Stayed 3 months. Remember the night Frank Serpico came in to the bar. Looking for Ron Smith of Sidney, Australia who was there at the same time. He had been a systems engineer who got burned out and traveled around stomping grapes in Greece, working on an oil rig in Canada and skiing in Leysin.

Chic Scott
Apr 3, 2008 02:25 [ 16 ]

Hi there,

Was in Leysin first in 1965 for a few weeks then came back in the summers of 68, 71, 72, 73 and 74. Worked as a guide for Dougal at ISM and spent the summer of 1974 at Kleine Scheidegg working with Dougal and Clint Eastwood on The Eiger Sanction. Eventually came back to Canada. Did some guiding here and now write the guidebooks to back country skiing in the Canadian Rockies and also history books on Canadian climbing and skiing. Spent two weeks skiing in Leysin in 2004. Had good powder snow and me and my friend took 26 empty litre wine bottles to the recycling bin when it was all over. Still climbing and skiing after all these years. Live in Banff and it is just as nice as Leysin.

Chic Scott

Steve Carroll
Apr 8, 2008 10:42 [ 17 ]

WOW! What a party in Akaroa!!! Great to see everyone in such fine form. Tons of pictures to come and tall tales to follow. Thanks to the Dickies for putting us all up and for putting up with all of us!

Site Admin: We are looking forward to hearing the stories and seeing the photos! - Dan

Steve Carroll
Apr 9, 2008 04:33 [ 18 ]

Dan, really disappointed to not see you there but now I have a good reason to come back to Leysin. Hope you are doing well.


Apr 9, 2008 06:16 [ 19 ]

Sounds like its been great over there...Looking forward to see all these faces on screen .. all our thoughts for all these hangovers. All is good here in a very snowy Leysin spring. Jan & Rosie

Bernie OConnell
Apr 13, 2008 11:14 [ 20 ]

Huge thanks to Paul & Kay for getting another frof reunion together down at Akaroa... Heaps of laughs (I found facial muscles I didn't know I had.) Great to catch up with you all after so many years. Bernie

mad mike
Apr 14, 2008 16:28 [ 21 ]

Come on Carol how long does it take to load down yer pics.Had'nt put you down for a luddite.Not just pics we want vids as well. Congratulations all that made the Akaroa bash, and ofcoarse to the main man himself, rock solid PAUL DICKIE.

Gavin Roache
Apr 15, 2008 07:50 [ 22 ]

HELLO FROM AUS. IT AINT DUMPING!!!. Hope everyone is well and that life is good. Well got the mountain bug back and sent an invite to 25 people 3 years ago to get out of the city and join me in a hike in australia for my 40th. completed last week cradle mountain the overland track 9 of us 6 days with 25 kilo packs (not bad for a bunch of 40 year old men). Big birthday bash in Hobart after the evnt was a lot of fun, we had a professional photgrapher join us , for thosen who give a toss check out some of the pics. Love to all and live tommorrow as you imagine it to be! Gavin and Michelle Roache ((ITS DUMPING)

Rosie Sanden
Apr 15, 2008 23:21 [ 23 ]

Yep Gavin it's dumping no mate it is dumping... Glad to hear you made it to 40th rock on...

Apr 23, 2008 04:31 [ 24 ]

Ditto on Bernies comments about Dickies 50th, he is a legend !and the party In the local Cruising Club was one of the biggest laughs I've had in a while. I vaguely remember standing on the jetty with Kimi and Bernie laughing so hard we couldn't walk or talk, though theres nothing unusual about that, is there! I know Joel S and Steve C took lots of pics, I hope someone got the one of Dickie playing his jandal at 3am or of Vi being carried up the road by JT. Great times to remember. Hawkeye

mad mike
Apr 30, 2008 13:25 [ 25 ]

Just had some pics through from Tim.Looks like it was a real Jedhi convention.Just thinking of those images now ,half a world away is making me grin.Shall get the techy to forward, though not sure who to? ( by the way Steve C , I am a luddite.In fact every time I navigate to this site I'm vaguely suprised and not little bit chuffed.)

mad mike
Apr 30, 2008 14:16 [ 26 ]

Just had some pics through from Tim.Looks like it was a real Jedhi convention.Just thinking of those images now ,half a world away is making me grin.Shall get the techy to forward, though not sure who to? ( by the way Steve C , I am a luddite.In fact every time I navigate to this site I'm vaguely suprised and not little bit chuffed.)

Dan Urlich
Apr 30, 2008 20:10 [ 27 ]

Pictures can be sent to



Johanne and Dave Smith
May 4, 2008 20:11 [ 28 ]


Our daughter Alison Smith, married to Andres Arango, a Colombian, will be moving from Medellin Colombia to Vancouver very soon as Andres just received approval for his immigration visa from the CDN government, after spending 3 1/2 years in Colombia wading through the paperwork.

We all couldn't be happier!!!!!!
J. and D.

Alex [Otto] Gardos
May 6, 2008 00:00 [ 29 ]

Congrats to Alison & Andres!

What's with the photo delay from Dickie's-Day?

Like ghosts, you can click the camera but their spirits you cannot catch!

Probably a moon landing conspiracy...maybe it never happened.

Get yer memory sticks out Orphans and start uploading the goods!

Gwan! Give us a look!


Allen Hill
May 7, 2008 19:55 [ 30 ]

We are beginning filming the Leysin/Vag Club documentary in July. Many folks have climbed on board to help. Anyhow a crew will be in Leysin towards the end of July. Thanks for the responses. On that note I'm convinced that emails coming into the States on my Comcast account are being filtered somehow as many of you have told me it took up five attempts to reach me. So here is an old address that should work fine if anyone needs to reach me.


Allen Hill

Helen (Wells)
May 8, 2008 11:48 [ 31 ]


Many thanks for the photos - don't suppose you have any of the morning after?? Sorry to have missed the event, now trying to put names to one or two faces! Keep us posted if any similar bashes are likely to take place closer to Europe!

Glad you all had such a great time (said through clenched teeth...)


Judi Mitchell Hyslop
May 17, 2008 10:34 [ 32 ]

To work at Prafandaz, Daniel (I think) drove 3 of us to Lyon, France for work permits/visas. I was just yesterday talking about learning to ski behind the Restaurant de Prafandaz during the winter of 1970-71. Before work (at the restaurant) in the morning I'd walk up the small hill behind/beside the restaurant and snow plow down, then hike up the hill and snowplow down. I think I even learned to stem christie. If there was still light after work I'd do the same thing - before we headed down to the Vag for the evening. It was a difficult winter if I remember correctly, not much snow. Being there was an unforgetable experience. Anyone else there that winter?

Jun 1, 2008 01:26 [ 33 ]

I've finally got into gear and have started digitalising all my Vag and Leysin pics from the 80s. The Vag Facebook group has 100+ members and growing. Check out both the Facebook group and the blog - search on Club Vagabond on Google and we're usually in the top five!

Peter Klein
Jun 17, 2008 10:25 [ 34 ]

Dr. Klein's wife, Mrs. Simone Klein, passed away on June 17th 2008 after a long battle of 11 months after having 2 strokes.

If anyone would like to get in touch with Peter, he can be contacted at his email

Yves & Becky Wenger
Jul 17, 2008 18:15 [ 35 ]

Hello everyone, Yves & Becky here....currently Windsurfing & Scuba diving in Bonaire , Caribbean...... but have been living in Whistler,BC since 1990.... we love there, good snow,good friends, and good all arround mountain & coastal life... I guess you can say best of booth life.....anywho what matters most is that we are happy, we now have two kids Robin (16) and Nicolas (13), drop us a mail if you are arround Beautifull British Columbia ! ?

kathy west
Jul 21, 2008 22:26 [ 36 ]

My name is Kathy west. I lived,worked and skiied in Leysin 1971-1976.I started as a cleaner at the vag,and soon was promoted to head cleaner which allowed me to be well clothed for the years i was there wearing lost and found by meI I,worked with Paulo in the kitchen,ran the disco for a while and lived in the penthouse for awhile.I was the coat check girl at the American disco and nursed with Annie and at Beausejour.I would love to hear from anyone who was there with me I live in calgary and i am still nursing.I have wonderful pictures of the Vag,Andy,John T Rozzie Best,Ect.I have fond memories of playing bridge with Paulo,Bev Clarke and Mariomette all night,cleaning uo Andy's vomit off the bar floor,skiing to work,watching movies at the little theatre,eating raw meat at the Smith's as we wre sooooo hungry we could not wait for food to fondue.I remember dougal trying to manipulate the stairs from the bar to the front door on his wat to teach climbing.i remember the brownies and the "cookies on top of the fridge in the Kitchen"I loved it all,the people,the skiing the shit red wine from the bottom of the barrel free after closing.the romances the heartbreaks,people staying 3years to fimd themselves,playing 'Angie' 10 times a night to help Bob from Toronto get over angie from Leysin.amyway Here's to tines at the Vag,Prafandez.Fougiers and to all of us Love and Peace Kathy

Kim Keller
Jul 24, 2008 23:31 [ 37 ]


I was living in Leysin from 92-96. Went to ACS and was married to Chris Roth. I live in ST Louis, Mo. and havn't been back to Leysin for 10 years! I still keep in touch with Chris, Kati D., Natalia Narishkin and a couple other people, otherwise I don't have much contact with the people of Leysin. I am hoping to visit soon. I miss the Vag. Is it still there? Hi to everyone!

mad mike
Jul 30, 2008 12:52 [ 38 ]

Go to you tube and tap in Fellrunnerjim. Should give you all a laugh.

Aug 28, 2008 06:43 [ 39 ]

Hey, here's a link to a playlist of old vagabond stuff I used to play. I even found Moscow Drug Club for Steve Carroll. lol Enjoy the memories. I didn't order the tracks in any sort of decent flow. I might do that once I remember all of the old stuff. If you remember something that was a favorite...


Steve Carroll
Aug 28, 2008 19:38 [ 40 ]

Awesome, Mr. Babcox! Hmmm...Telegraph Road....Go get Sniffy and Uncle B and I'll meet you in the cooler.

Aug 29, 2008 00:25 [ 41 ]

Good memories in all that music. Remember when JS made us a "break room" in the corner upstairs office? Remember the picture of Jesus up there? Man, was the glass on that handy. lol I think half the old 45s went flying out that window one late night...

Helen (ex Wells)
Sep 6, 2008 23:41 [ 42 ]

Thanks for the memories Ty - blanks aside, still have many suggestions for old favourites & if you'd like some vinyl to replace those which flew out of the window....

Sep 8, 2008 22:11 [ 43 ]

Hey Welly! You will never be an ex Wells to me. Glad you found the list. Post a list of tracks I am missing and I will add them to the playlist on yonder tube. ;)

richard headifen
Sep 9, 2008 16:54 [ 44 ]

I'm sorry to hear of the death of Larry Metzger. We had some great times together in the early 1970's. Is there still anyone out there who remembers the white avengers, the albino sausages that he used to cook up by the kilometer? Cheers, Phones.

Kim Ramsey
Sep 10, 2008 02:32 [ 45 ]

Larry (The F. F.) Metzger! If you didn’t get to know him back in THE DAZE, even just a little, you missed out. I’ve got a few Larry stories, but here’s the short one: Larry bought a very used Yugoslavian motor cycle. Brand name: JAWA. He tinkered with it and got it into working order. His plan was a grand eating, drinking & cultural tour of the Iberian Peninsula. Maybe, with a bit ‘O luck, even a taste of the local color…Wink!…Wink! The route was through Suisse, through FR, around Spain and back with-in about 3 weeks. The morning of his departure (Red eyed from the obligatory send off the night before) a few of us were saying our Bon Voyages. As Larry fired up the beast, Black Pete said: “Where ‘ya headed mate”? Larry said; “Spain mate.” As he backed off the clutch and started to roll Black Pete yelled: “How ‘ya getting back mate”? To a man we hit the ground laughing. If I’m not mistaken Larry arrived back to take up his lot in the Club Vagabond kitchen just about 3 weeks later……….Via Suisse Rail. Rest in Peace Old Friend. Later, kim

Peter Craig
Sep 10, 2008 02:44 [ 46 ]

From another in a long line of Vag cooks, farewell Larry. And yes I remember the white avengers well. Gland de cowboy avec fromage and bacon wraparound. Fortunately they had been taken off the menu by the time I assumed control of the pots and pans. I remember one drunken night when we sent Brian Skihill (he was the smallest) down in the dumb waiter to raid the fridge only to find Larry, who had an early start the next day, sleeping on the kitchen bench.Skihill didn't show his face for days after that. RIP mate. Cheers, Pete Craig

gail flynn
Sep 11, 2008 00:52 [ 47 ]

RIP dear Larry - Our awesome cook/our friend......but always more grounded than most. Mischievous with such brilliant eyes hiding under that glorious mane of wavy hair and brilliant mustache.......

Always protecting his kitchen.......some times he slept there to protect it - sometimes he slept there because his walk was just too far.

You swept your beloved Sarah off her feet in Leysin - she knows she has been a lucky lady......

I have many photos of the "vendange" in Aigle in 1971 - ladies working and Larry laughing and talking. Will try to get them up on this site.............

An inspiration to me to have crossed paths in life with Larry....

Gail Giblin Flynn

Caesar Ramsay
Sep 11, 2008 02:19 [ 48 ]

I am Ithaca NY at present. I attended a small service for Larry last Friday. Kathy and I just had dinner with Sarah today Wednesday the 10th and she is doing okay. Larry was a good friend that I saw every summer at Cayuga Lake, He hung in for almost four years after he was diagnosed and was always a pleasure to be with whether fishing, golfing or with family. He will be missed, my great memories will last forever.

Carol A Rankin
Sep 12, 2008 10:37 [ 49 ]

Many thanks, Rob and Dorothea, for forwarding e-mails about Larry. Francis Bugnon had telephoned last Sturday and although I knew the news would be forthcoming in the near future, it was difficult to accept. Larry, Sarah, Tom and David came to visit us several times in La Tour-de-Peilz, the last was autumn 2005. I still have their last Christmas card and photo on my desk at work. Over the years we kept in contact and I always admired the stamina and high hopes that the family showed during the vey difficult time of Larry's illness. Of course I remember hiring Larry, then Sarah. I remember the menus we concocted, the trips to the valley to pick up a VW van of food and booze for the months ahead, the laughs and enthusiasm for feeding everyone and hoping to still have leftovers for staff lunch. I remember so much with a smile and some heartache. The good times we shared, the eventual moving off of so many who contributed to making the Vag the vary special place it became, then moving off, with always a small part of Leysin ever present in their memory. So, Larry, we will meet again, of that I'm sure. Nothing is lost, it is just a question of time. In between my tears, I am smiling. Thank you for bringing so much happiness to us all.

Pauline (Murphy) Hoseason
Sep 14, 2008 02:09 [ 50 ]

Very sad indeed to hear about Larry's passing. I remember some wonderful times in the kitchen with Larry, who was probably the best boss I ever had. Even better times with Larry and Sarry at their cottage, eating snails and drinking lovely Swiss wine. Caught up with Larry and Sarah on their trips to Australia, and it was as if the 25 years between Leysin and seeing each other again just didn't exist.

Larry, the world is a better place for your being here.

Love Pauline.

Mike "Kansas" Growney
Sep 30, 2008 04:34 [ 51 ]

ACS 91-92. There's an ACS site up on FaceBook now too! Stumbled in here after an hour of musing at Dwight Peck's (also a Kansas grad...) picts of Leysin, hoping to someday bring my kids back for a beer at the Vag or even the Cave if it's still open??? Living in Rolla Missouri, moving soon to Pueblo Colorado... CO seems as close to Leysin as I can afford right now :-( Amazing to see so many others with good (albeit oft very fuzzy) memories of Leysin!

Richard Headifen
Sep 30, 2008 20:53 [ 52 ]

Chris Winard. Hey up mutha put on tha boots thers trooble at mill. I recently had to reload my computer and consequently lost my email address book. Please drop me an eline so that we can resume contact. Cheers, Phones.

Oct 24, 2008 11:24 [ 53 ]

Does anyone have an updated e-mail for Vi & Jon Travers? I can't get through to

Thanks! Helen Eyssartier

mark & Elizabeth Stewart
Nov 4, 2008 04:14 [ 54 ]

Dear Matt Van Dorp,

Your email has changed. Need to talk to talk or email you. It's important my friend.

If some Vagabond has had contact with Matt since early 2008 please let me know at or my cell # USA 206 853-8429.

God bless, Mark Stewart

mark & Elizabeth Stewart
Nov 4, 2008 04:21 [ 55 ]

Dear Matt Van Dorp,

Your email has changed. Need to talk or email you. It's important my friend.

If some Vagabond has had contact with Matt since early 2008 please let me know at or my cell # USA 206 853-8429.

mark & Elizabeth Stewart
Nov 4, 2008 04:31 [ 56 ]

Dear Matt,

I need to have you email or talk to me. Call USA cell # 206-853-8429 or email

If you are a Vagabond pass the message along to Matt or provide the above info.

God bless, Mark Stewart

Robert Warburton - Ginger
Nov 17, 2008 18:06 [ 57 ]

hello Vag People -Greetings to everyone. this is Ginger here and I,m back online Living a healthy, creative and active life in the mountains of North Wales. First went to the Vag in 1964,so if anybody knows me and would like to contact me, please do so. I,m intending to be on the Web a lot more in the future.Wishing all Frof Folks the very best, Good Luck and Rock and Roll.

C. J. Clark
Nov 22, 2008 05:42 [ 58 ]

Hi, You mentioned you knew Natalia Narishkin, is this the same women that kived in NY for a few years and went to a Ny highschool? I think i might know her.

I was living in Leysin from 92-96. Went to ACS and was married to Chris Roth. I live in ST Louis, Mo. and havn't been back to Leysin for 10 years! I still keep in touch with Chris, Kati D., Natalia Narishkin and a couple other people, otherwise I don't have much contact with the people of Leysin. I am hoping to visit soon. I miss the Vag. Is it still there? Hi to everyone!

Steve Carroll
Nov 22, 2008 19:35 [ 59 ]

Hi C.J.,

Vag 82-89 and worked at ACS in the Cave and Student Activties when Natalia was studying there. Please pass along a big hello to her from me. Thanks.

Geoff. Swift
Nov 25, 2008 02:07 [ 60 ]

To Richard Leach did you teach at the American Colledge in Leysin 1963-1965. If so did ever hear from Graham Saint of Australia

Nov 29, 2008 01:54 [ 61 ]

Mike from Rolla Mo., Im an ACS alumni living in St. Louis, wish I could move to Co. love it there!! I think we might have been at ACS at the same time?? Anyway it's always nice to see someone way out here is an Alumni!!

Lee Eaton
Nov 29, 2008 20:59 [ 62 ]

I was in Leysin 1971-72 - student at ACS from which the Vag was "off limits" which translated to me: "you MUST spend as much time as possible there!" Maybe the school officials knew - the second semester found me leaving on a trek to Nepal with 3 Vag friends (Howie Tartell, Brian, Susan - where are YOU? - they made it all the way east - I fell in love in Corfu & jumped ship). Fast forward to 2008 - I'm taking my 2 sons on their 1st trip to Europe. We arrive in Amsterdam Xmas day. Am considering a trip to Leysin - does anyone out there know of any "reasonable" places to stay in or around Leysin? Something even remotely like the Vag would be totally cool.

Robert Warburton - Ginger
Dec 1, 2008 17:56 [ 63 ]

In the last comment I made recently, I put a dash in front of the E-Mail address. No dash, just All the best and good luck to all Frof People.

Beth Goodson
Dec 7, 2008 10:58 [ 64 ]

For Lee Eaton and anyone else having nostalgic thoughts of visiting Leysin,. A cheap place like the Vag doesn't really exist anymore. But there is a reasonable guesthouse with rooms for groups/families. Try tel. +41 24 494 3535 or mobile 079 384 7072 Christmas is high season so remember to call early. We have great snow now. Just like the old days. Beth

David Sharrock
Dec 9, 2008 22:15 [ 65 ]

Hello everyone and anyone who was hanging out at the Vag in the good old days. Life has certainly has been eventful and full on since leaving leysin. As some will know, I opened The Vagabond in Chamonix and now I have opened a new Vagabond in Betws Y Coed, Snowdonia. ( Photography, business and partying are my main staples of life, along with great memories of leysin, the most enjoyable part of my life. Long live FROF. Take care all.

Jennifer Smith
Dec 15, 2008 00:47 [ 66 ]

Hey Dave, It's nice to hear you've opened a Vag in Betws Y Coed, our son Graham likes to hang out there - in fact said he might go over Christmas holidays. Tim & I might even come (but not with Graham, that would dampen his fun!) sometime. We're living in Coventry so about 4 hours (as long as the M6 isn't bad) from you. We've been there a few times so maybe we'll see you soon. Tim & Jenny Smith

Steve Carroll
Dec 24, 2008 16:01 [ 67 ]

A very merry christmas and happy new year to all! I hope you are all doing well and will find some time to relax and enjoy a beer-pomme or five. Especially my little buddy Babcox. Ty, get your butt up here for a visit! Take care. Steve. PS to Sharrock: Great to hear things are going so well. I've now officially given up the search for 'the lost stash'. I tried.

mad mike
Dec 24, 2008 23:35 [ 68 ]

HAPPY CHRISTMAS & BUMPER NEW YEAR to one and all. Love Mad Mike.

Helen Wells
Dec 30, 2008 16:01 [ 69 ]

Delighted to add my greetings to the recent contributions from illustrious 80's Vag folk! A very happy and healthy new year to one and all. Crisis, What Crisis? Helen

Lorraine Ward
Jan 1, 2009 23:14 [ 70 ]

Happy New Year 2 u all :-) I was in Leysin '86-'91 I worked in the Top Pub 1st year and my last year on Mayen and Aï . Take care and Keep Smiling :P Lorraine

Paul Quinn
Jan 8, 2009 03:15 [ 71 ]

Greetings to all Vag friends from the 80's, especially Helen W, Steve Carroll Ty B, Ray and Pete Klein. Great to hear that Dave has set up a Vag in Betwys. Bumped into Pat Littlejohn there in the summer.

Would love to get in touch with Ty. Does anyone have his email?

I'm still working as a session musician, sound engineer and producer in Bristol, UK

Paul Q

Steve Carroll
Jan 12, 2009 17:33 [ 72 ]


Great to hear you're still in motion and that you're still tickling the ivories. Such talent! Good to hear it's not wasted. Happy new year, too. BTW, I think Ty's address is on the big list here on the FROF site. If not, just contact me directly.

Take care,


Ulla Frederiksen
Jan 17, 2009 18:43 [ 73 ]

Greetings! My sister Gitte Holt from Denmark just found this site - and I was just found on facebook by my good old friend Adam Formica from Australia. We were all in Leysin in 1984/85 working at the college, the Vag and Whispers. WOW, what a refreshing blast from the past! I looked at some of the pics and recognized Bernie, Dan and a few others. Steve and Joanne owned the Vag at the time and Adam trained me as Vag Hag - and taught me a few choice pieces of slang as well. Such a great time! See you on facebook, Ulla Frederiksen, Michigan, USA

Ulla Frederiksen
Jan 17, 2009 19:59 [ 74 ]

Ulla again - correction, I meant Dave and Joanne.

Does anyone have an email address for Helen Eyssartier? She was my room mate in 1984 and taught me how to shave my legs! I didn't find her in the address book.

Thanks, Ulla

Alex gardos
Jan 20, 2009 20:57 [ 75 ]

Free at last, free at last...thank you Obama we are free at last! Aaaaaaaaahhhhooooo! (to re-create the actual volume of this declaration, pick the sunniest day after the best storm, change your t-shirt, climb between the tours with your best mates and take multiply that by a bazillion...then have lunch!)

Nick Ward
Jan 24, 2009 23:50 [ 76 ]

Played in the top pub and the casino during the eighties with a band called Lost Weekend. Had some really great times. Think i may know Lorraine #70. If you remember me ,sonny,steve and barry drop me a line love to hear from you.

Jennifer Smith
Jan 31, 2009 00:53 [ 77 ]

Tim and I have been mourning the passing of John Martin yesterday. Lots of great memories listening to Solid Air, May You Never, Grace and Danger and others from our Leysin days ( and more recently cause we do have the CD's). Thanks to Mark Reading and Dave Newsome for introducing us to him - he was a fabulous musician, if a bit of a bastard!

Jennifer Smith
Jan 31, 2009 13:40 [ 78 ]

Sorry John Martyn, not John Martin, died Thursday! I know too many Martins and not enough Martyns!

Bruce Burkhardt
Feb 1, 2009 04:42 [ 79 ]

Diana (Chan), Tarry (my 14 yr old son) and I wish you all a very happy year of the ox. My 7 years (77 - 84) in Leysin are seared into my memory and my friends met there remain my dearest. We are still in Santa Barbara CA and I'm still just a young hippy out chasin a dream. We think of you all often. Peace & Love, Bruce

Bucky Boyle
Feb 1, 2009 21:10 [ 80 ]

To Mr. Alen Hill: apropos your request for bar stories.

I was a bartender in the Summer of 1966 along with Tim Middleton. Steve Irey was the bar manager. I am in regular contact with them and somewhat less than regular contact with several others from that era. I have forwarded your request to Steve and Tim and assume they will respond as they see fit.

I will try to post on the Vagabond blog where I saw your post. I can give you a few short anecdotes but is this the best forum? I don't know if there is a space limit in this guest book.

Stacee Cohn
Feb 4, 2009 19:41 [ 81 ]

Ah, the memories of New Zealanders in shorts and sandals in February and long evenings of revelry and dancing after Descent Aux Flambeaux! You make a Midwestern gal pine for the mountains!

Lorraine Ward
Feb 5, 2009 22:08 [ 82 ]

Hey Nick, Sonny, Steve and Barry ;-) Hi guys, wow this is gr8 to hear from u, how could I forget you lot!!! We didn't half have loads of fun and singing ;-) haha. I still remember when poor Sonny broke his shoulder during his skiing fall on the Prafandaz;-( I wont admit it though that I was particially to blame! haha I could hardly bloody ski myself! lol. I enjoyed the visit to you all at home! It's been along time but the memory's wont ever go away. You were a good bunch of guys, take care and hopefully talk 2 u soon Luv from Lorraine

Johanne and Dave Smith
Feb 8, 2009 16:22 [ 83 ]

Johanne and Dave Smith are the proud grandparents of a baby boy called Sama Arango Smith, born to their daughter Alison Smith and her husband Andres Arango on Feb.4 2009. Alison and Andres are now living in Vancouver. Dave and Johanne have a new email address to be found by members in the frof address book.

Feb 10, 2009 09:52 [ 84 ]

Grats Joanna & Dave!!!!!!

richard headifen
Feb 10, 2009 15:53 [ 85 ]

Congratulations Alison, Andreas and you two SmithHats! I checked out the address site but only found the same email address for you that I have always used. Please drop me an e-line so that I can re-connect. Cheers, Phones.

Michel Hebert
Feb 19, 2009 07:26 [ 86 ]

Just came across this web site by chance and found it great, as ex barman at the Vag it was great to see some photos of the pass and tsome of the names still kicking around brough back some good memories. I will come back and add fotos.

Helen Wells
Feb 19, 2009 19:10 [ 87 ]

Salut Michel. Good to see your name pop up on the site & look forward to seeing the photos! Can't remember the name of the guy you came over with - was it Steve??

Helen - 83 - 88 (deceptionist)

Patty Gariepy
Feb 24, 2009 08:08 [ 88 ]

Carole MacDonald is my mother and she brought my sister and I to Leysin for a year back 1972..??...I was just wondering, with her 70th birthday coming up if anyone here remembers her. My Uncle is Doug MacDonald. Our very good friends were Marty and Diane Latinen (<sp and I am in touch with them. Anyone with info would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks for your time. :o)

Patty Gariepy
Feb 24, 2009 08:10 [ 89 ]

Oh yeah....and how would one go about getting one of those Club Vag t-shirts????

Michel Hebert
Mar 4, 2009 04:56 [ 90 ]

Hi Hellen, Yes it was Steve that came over with me. The wife and I are kicking off our retirement fase on Bali at the moment. Will be back in Holland end May and will start scanning some photos for everyone Michel

Mad Mike
Mar 4, 2009 12:25 [ 91 ]

Enhorabuena Alison y Andres. Congatulations Dave and Joanne,on the arrival of Sama.

Kim Ramsey
Mar 7, 2009 19:42 [ 92 ]

I just heard from Simon Emerson, through Allan Moore, though Jillian Valentine that Tony Tighe’s body was recovered from the base of Mt. Everest last month. That’s 37 years in deep freeze. Rest in Peace pal.

richard headifen
Mar 9, 2009 17:27 [ 93 ]

In the autumn of 1970 I was again acting the role of bar manager. Carol Rankin who had been vetting those eager young folks who wanted to join the Vagabond staff for the coming winter and knowing that I needed one more bartender told me that two enthusiastic souls seemed to fit the bill. One, a Canadian named Laurie Hearns, had also shown an interest in working in the ski shop. I interviewed Laurie at Happy Hour that afternoon and since previous bartending experience was definitely not a prerequisite we had a couple of beers and talked about nothing in particular. Nice guy and very well suited for the largely unregulated Vagabond work force. Seeing I had someone else to interview I told Laurie he was definitely under consideration. After dinner a tall, slim young man with an amazing head of curls came into the bar. 'Giday mate, I'm Tony Tighe.' We drank, we talked, we drank, we talked. We repeated this until the bar closed with us still standing, just. As I locked up for the night, Tony asked me if he had the job. I told him he had the job three or four hours ago. I had never before met anyone as immediately likeable as Tony with his ready sense of humour and quick smile plus he could hold his drink. Laurie got his job in the ski shop. The night before Tony was to leave for Nepal, we sat up until dawn at the Fougeres bar after it closed and did bulk damage to a couple of bottles of Bacardi remembering all the great times we had had together. We were not to meet again. Those of you who the good fortune to have met Tony will know how much I still miss him. Peace to you mate. Cheers, Phones.

Amy Hayes Castleberry
Mar 9, 2009 20:47 [ 94 ]

Hey, Ken- My sister Betsy (Hayes) Westerstrom & I lived in Leysin for 9 months -1972-73- We have photos we would love to post- then and now!!! I remember you very well & I am thrilled that you have established a web site- We have so many great stories and memories of the old Vag- really fun to see the photos of you, Claude & Brian- Betsy & I were wishing we could link up with people from that time!!! Amy (Hayes) Castleberry

Betsy Hayes Westerstrom
Mar 9, 2009 23:25 [ 95 ]

What fun to find a website dedicated to the Club Vagabond! I remember almost everyone in the birthday party photo from 1972! There are a lot of people that would be fun to hear from and find out what direction their lives took! A reunion would be fun, people from the winter 72-73! Cheers, Betsy Hayes Westerström

Betsy Hayes Westerstrom
Mar 9, 2009 23:29 [ 96 ]

I have a few photos, one of the guys doing their "old McDonald" dance at Paolos pizza, how can I post them? Betsy

Dan Urlich
Mar 10, 2009 19:18 [ 97 ]

Hi Betsy (or anyone that wants to upload photos),

If there is just a few, then e-mail them to If you want an account to upload lots, just ask!


Dan :-)

Johanne Smith
Mar 12, 2009 11:19 [ 98 ]

Frof helpers are in the process of confirming information that Tony Tighe, who was lost on Everest in 1972, was discovered in May 2008 and laid to rest nearby, although the news was not published intil this Jan. 2009. Tony's family, particularly his sister, is very happy to forward information that will become a part of Frof's Absent Friends. With a little patience all Tony's friends will soon be assured that he "Rests in Peace" at last.

Mar 14, 2009 14:11 [ 99 ]

I have just been reading down the ist of tales and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Does any one have a clue where Jake Ashton is these days? Steve C....Thanks for the mail.. Ingrid

Dan Urlich
Mar 14, 2009 18:54 [ 100 ]

Hi Ingrid, of course we still remember you! I'm still here in Leysin. Jake is still here as well and can be contacted at

Peter Craig
Mar 15, 2009 03:40 [ 101 ]

We were at a party at Horizon in the winter of '72 when the news came over the radio late at night that Tony was lost on Everest. Wow , I will never forget that night. Drunk in the restaurant at the end of the world hearing about a mate at another end of the world. Rest in peace at last old friend. You will never be forgotten by us old Vag boys and girls. Repete

Johanne Smith
Mar 16, 2009 11:24 [ 102 ]

Hi Ingrid, Good to hear from you. Why don't you become a member of frof and put your name in the address book so friends can get in touch? Dave and I are still living in Leysin although our daughter Alison is now in Vancouver with her husband Andres and their new baby boy, Sama Arango-Smith, born Feb 4th, 2009. What are you up to these days? XO Johanne

Graeme Burton
Mar 24, 2009 05:44 [ 103 ]

Fantastic to see Allan 70th pics and catching up on some more names.I was working the bar and disco 1975/76 then workt for Andreas Hefti hiring out skis 1977/78 Will forever be hilite of life.Great catching up with Hawkeye in Sydney few years back,cheers all for now

Doug McClelland
Apr 2, 2009 09:02 [ 104 ]

To Carol Rankin, Peter Craig, Larry ( may he rest in peace) and all the other most outrageous characters that I have ever met in my life, thanks for the great and incredible memories. My thanks to Carol and Allen for putting you with the most sorriest lot of Alpine Pirates that ever hit the slopes( sometimes going forwards and sometimes going backwards ?). Who could forget the suicide luge races to the lower village of Leysin ! I first came to Leysin in 1967 to attend ACS and then skied the winter of 70 and worked at the radio and tv shop in Leysin for the winter of 71. I fondly remember, well kind of ? , of the insane drinking at the bar with Dougal and the rest of the Aussie posse drinking team. I wonder if Carol and Allen ever dreamed that the Vag would turn into the legend that it has. If I have my way the legend of the Vagabond Club will last for ever. FOR EX ACSer's Steve Carrol, Mike "Kansas" Growney, Anita Blaschak Richard Leach, C. J. Clark, Steve Carroll their is a great website for over 1,000 ACS alumni at After the Microsoft killed the MSN Group sites, Keri Anderson took up the touch from Pam Johnson and created the Ning website I have not been on this site for over a year and a lot has change for the better thanks to hard work of Dan and Jack We really need to coordinate more reunions announcements on this site. God bless you all and I would love to meet with you in the near future before we get to old

Stephanie Reesor
Apr 12, 2009 07:27 [ 105 ]

Hello Gorgeous Leysinouds!! Steph here from Whistler BC. So happy to see so many old faces in pics and on here!! Loving it out in beautiful BC!! Come for a visit. I remember fondly all the wonderful times in Leysin, and look forward to returning one day! Hello to Biglus, Kerry, Carol, Jan, Rosie, Dave and Joanne, Nanbu, Lena, Alex, Gils, and anyone else I might be forgetting!! Hope your lives are full of peace and love!!! xoxox Stephanie

Apr 18, 2009 22:02 [ 106 ]

Hello Stephanie, good to hear from you. Leysin is still rockin, not like before but, Rock'n roll is always floating in the air...and it will always be!! It just needs 2 of the FROFIES at the right time at the right place and of we go. At the moment the place to be and to feel the good old days is the "Lynx Bar", managed by Pitch who is the frog that used to work on the Prafandaz T- Bar in the mid 80's. The Lynx is at the top of the Rue du Commerce, just under the Smith's place. it used to be the Grotta.The place to go if anybody comes back for a visit. Its great to read all this FROF sight comments.

Keep on rocking


Jim ( Hobbie) McClelland
May 1, 2009 22:20 [ 107 ]

I just discovered this site. I was at Club Vagabond the winter of 67-68 and worked in the bar for some of the time. I was there with Dave Steel ( who was a ski instructor)and Doug Whetstone (who worked at Profandaz) Some names I remember Mike Lee, Dave Johnson,Pommy Bob Colley,Dave Agnew,Dougal of course. I was back 4 years ago and things have changed quite a lot. I was told the vag was now a private residence . Profandaz is now run by the son of the owner when we were there and was a baby then. I would love to hear from anyone from those days.

Tod (Damian) Labrie
May 19, 2009 05:31 [ 108 ]

I was there from 1986 to 1987. Wow, what a long time ago. After spending a few years in medicine (ambulance attendant/cardiologist's asst.), I now live in North Andover, Massachusetts and have my own business as a Mercedes/Volvo mechanic. I would love to hear from anyone who was there those years. Someone in my ACS yearbook is quoted a saying, "ACS is the type of place where you spend four-years wishing you were somewhere else, and then you spend the rest of your life wishing you were back there". Well said.

Helen Wells-Eyssartier
May 25, 2009 20:13 [ 109 ]

Annie Haston has asked me to pass on the news that Blythe Wright passed away last night in hospital after a long and valiant fight. The funeral is to be held in Aviemore this coming friday.

Janie Norman
Jun 8, 2009 21:28 [ 110 ]

ACS was such a special place in the early seventies, and now my youngest son just graduated from college. I don't think he had the dormroom view I had!!! Janie

ben welgemoed
Jun 24, 2009 12:11 [ 111 ]

froffies of the world; it's cold over here in KZN 14%C (hah) winter's just about over. The rest of south africa is a little bit colder regards ben

Jul 11, 2009 11:09 [ 112 ]

Thanks Dan for your message......god I'm slow at is full....Great to hear from you.. Joanne....thanks too for the message....hard to believe Alison married time flies. If any one fancies getting in touch my email address is Motto of the day - Have fun..x

shariar hatef
Jul 18, 2009 07:16 [ 113 ]

We were at leysin American School 75-77....a lot of hair! I had my first drink in Vag. it was off limit to high school. misse all my morning classes. anyone from 76> Ps. you have done a GREAT job. Thank you

Jul 26, 2009 02:28 [ 114 ]

Hi, I was amazed that Tony Tighe's remains on Everset had finally been found after all these years. I was at Prafandaz the night the news was broken that Tony has perished and the atmosphere that reigned as we thought of that brilliant, charming and fun guy lost to us all and the grief his devoted girlfriend, Gilly must have been feeling. Long, long ago. Is there to be a memorial of some sort for Tony, has his remains been sent to Aus? Lots of great memories of times I spent in Leysin..maybe some many remember me..but I worked the front desk and often had the 'challenge' of decifering the bar cash!!
Thanks for the's fun to recall our madness! best to all Hilary

Sep 5, 2009 11:49 [ 115 ]

Jan Sanden, send me your email address and I'll fill you in on what's been happening as the roving Ambassador for L'Horizon in the tropics. Good one, G.J.

Sep 14, 2009 21:49 [ 116 ]

Reading a good book by John Harlin's son: "The Eiger Obsession, facing the mountain that killed my father." The Vagabond is in it! Also Allan Rankin, Dougal Haston, Chris Bonington etc......and the start of ISM formerly ISMM. For those who are interested: ISBN 9780091925581

Sep 14, 2009 21:50 [ 117 ]

Hej dude...Greg Jones, please tell us in what kind of tropics you have ended. Here is my adress : FROF country is moving again, Pitch is rocking the Lynx, Whispers s open again as "Davida Lounge", Italian take away next to the Top Pub, Art school at the Old buffet de la Gare ( Urban's), American School has bought the American College and put it back together. Its all good. Jan

Helen Wells Eyssartier
Sep 14, 2009 21:51 [ 118 ]

Heard from an undisclosable source that the Vag was up & running again (via an old ACS network maybe), or is this just a moot point??? Would love any news on developments.



PS Hope to make a visit sooner rather than later..

Dan Urlich
Sep 14, 2009 21:55 [ 119 ]


I heard that Elvis and Michael Jackson will be playing at the opening ...

No news about it opening here in Leysin

  • Dan
Steve Carroll
Sep 15, 2009 17:35 [ 120 ]

Excellent. And with Patrick Swayze doing the choreography, it should be a great show.

Ben Welgemoed
Sep 19, 2009 10:54 [ 121 ]

Hi froffies of the world. Summer is here and rain and shit and mud. Mangoes are fine this year. Sold the whole harvest of over five tonnes to my neigbour. Save me the hassle of going to the market. Farms up fo sale, waiting fo the price that I want. I'm planning a world trip soon. India (kerala) Aussie States and EU and then after a year who knows? Stay cool and froffing. Much love light and peace Ben

Peter Craig
Sep 22, 2009 03:56 [ 122 ]

Just to let anyone know that Catherine and I will be moving to Vietnam and living in Ho Chi Mihn city for the next year. We go on October 13. If anyone is travelling through there get in touch. We would love to catch up. Our email address will stay the same. Cheers Pete

joe lea
Sep 28, 2009 01:09 [ 123 ]

Hey, Dick Hedifen...Remember yer ol' hitch hikin' buddy from the Club Vag on our trip to Israel? I was the Dormitory Super at the American College of Switzerland 1963-64. Used to hang out at the Vag and the "Club Universitere" down the mountain. What memories! Boy, that trip to Israel was something! Remember dumping that table top over the side of that Turkish steamer? Close call with the Third Mate on that one. But as I recall, the fare from Istanbul to Iskendurun was only about $3.00US. That was deck class and I remember the dead rats in the hold. We slept on wooden beds that were only a couple of inches off the deck. I remember we split up at Kibbutz Neot HaKikar at the south end of the Dead Sea. (Google it to see the changes from what I remember as the dirt road of skulls) I went on up to Kibbutz Ein Gedi and then the archeological dig at Masada. I see you went back to the Vag in the '70' then, I was a tenured Professor at California State University at Long Beach. Cheers, mate...gimme a holler.

Richard Headifen
Oct 5, 2009 18:59 [ 124 ]

Joe Leach! Good to hear from you. You were wise to leave Neot HaKikar. We were paid $10 dollars a week and all the eggs you could eat, but you had to work for three months or you did't get the money. Then there was the guard duty I had to pull once a week with Itzac and two nasty dogs. I couldn't get comfortable creeping arond in the dark clutching an uzi. I did my three months during which I contacted malaria and, unfotunately, the mosquito bites turned septic. I went up to a kibutz outsde Haifa for medical treatment and to wait for a boat to Venice. It was good to breathe European air again. 45 years ago. Glad you're still out there Joe. Cheers.

Dave and Johanne Smith
Nov 20, 2009 10:16 [ 125 ]

We are so, so sad to let you know that Annie Haston died recently at her home in Paris. She had not been well for the past several months and now there are some French formalities required before we will receive more news. Her good friend and old employer in Paris is following up on these details. As soon as more is known we will write a few words for "Absent Friends". Annie was born in England on October 23, 1942 and has had no personal family for many years. Annie will be much missed by so many of her old friends from Leysin. Adieu to a very special woman and a very close friend.

Nov 20, 2009 18:39 [ 126 ]

Re Annie ( " the Haston") ..just got the e-mail from Johanne and Dave ..very sad news indeed...that brings back a flood of memories.. ....along with Guy(Neithardt) Joe, Alan(Moore) and Kim( Ramsey) Annie was the fourth pesron in that car ( the old grey ISM panzer)that picked me up late that night in Aug '72 down by the gas station in Aigle and they all convinced me to tag along w them to this place I'd never heard of- Leysin..never realised at the time I'd spend the next 17 yrs there....and Annie was a big part of that time..many shared glasses of red wine at the bar, many a night carry Dougal home from said bar, dinners w her and Luke upstairs in the Soldanelle apartment and for many years in the 80's Laura and I lived in the apartment right below lots of time spent together. Unfortunately we kind of lost touch directly w her after we moved here to the Rockies- but tried to keep updated with news of her through Helen(Wells) or Smithies etc.... Let's raise raise a glass of red ( of course!) in the memory of our dear departed Annie!

Cheers, Andy & Laura- Canmore , Alberta.

Jon Travers
Nov 21, 2009 05:05 [ 127 ]

Vale, Annie, In the summer of '71 I first heard Annie before i saw her. She used to wear flaired jeans with embroidery around the bottoms and tiny bells sown in. We were sitting outside the Pavilion, some of us new to Leysin, when I heard a rhythmic jingling coming along the road on the far side. This slight lady was striding along and, when she was opposite us, looked at us and cried "Rogues, Vagabonds and Thieves!" "That," said Brian,"Is Annie Haston" In subsequent years there were many roguish and vagabonding moments and in fair exchange, there was no robbery. As many of us found, it was a privilege and a delight to be her friend, providing you could withstand the whithering scorn and barbed wit should you slip, stumble or slur in her presence.Annie could spot a crack in the veneer at 10 paces! There were so many good times with her and Dougal and, after, when the two queens reigned at the top of Soldanelle. Well loved, she is yet another of that marvelous crew to inherit the vasty hall of death."Not farewell, but fare forward, traveller."

Cheers, Jon & Vi

Richard Headifen
Nov 21, 2009 19:54 [ 128 ]

In the space of a month we have lost two very special ladies. Once again Fate has dug deep into the Vagabond pockets. Yes Francise Bugnon nicknamed Laurie la petite camion because he thought that her name was spelled lorry. She always had a kind word for everyone and constantly looked and lived on the bright side of life. She was a joy to be around. Annie was a one of a kind. I look back with fond memories of the escapades that she, Dougal, Brian Travers, Mark Weiss and I got into and out of more or less unscathed. My thoughts are with these two lovelies. Phones.

Chantal Trumpler Dunogier
Nov 23, 2009 13:02 [ 129 ]

I last saw Annie in Paris when we both were there and spent a lovely afternoon, seeping red wine and enjoying life...Yet another friend who departs for a long journey, may this one be smooth and painless. She'll live trough our souvenirs forever a Lady with a perfect haircut and make up and lots of wits!!!

Helen Wells-Eyssartier
Nov 24, 2009 15:47 [ 130 ]

Happy & privileged to have been a frequent travelling partner of Annie's. We diversified from short stays of farniente in Cassis, a couple of highly memorable biking tours of Les Landes (particular thanks to Johanne & Dave for a memorable send-off lunch in Vevey for the first one, after which we hardly needed the ‘plane to propel us to Bordeaux!), a visit to Paolo in Maiori, a couple of trips to Oz, stopping on the second occasion with Lily in Indonesia and on the way back from which Annie lingered awhile in Nepal. I’ve certainly forgotten a few others, but memories there are in abundance, up until the time we left Leysin together in October 1988, last residence La Soldanelle. We shared a flat in England for a year 89 -90 and many experiences, including the fall of the Berlin wall, but Annie missed ‘le continent’, too long out of England, and headed back to Paris in 91. We continued to see each other regularly (I moved back to France in 1992) and thankfully never lost touch, up until the very last moment. Annie always spoke to me at great length about all the friends she had met in Leysin prior to my somewhat tardy arrival (1983), so even if I have never met you in person, I feel I know a lot about you all. Cheers, God bless you Annie & bon voyage.

Joan Campbell
Nov 25, 2009 18:53 [ 131 ]

Very sad to hear about Annie haston. I met and became friends with Annie long after her Vagabond days. We lived in a cockroach infested hotel in Paris while working together as nurses. Fond memories of cycling holidays in Les Landes and Hogmanies in Paris

Susan Schaehrer McLeary
Dec 2, 2009 07:03 [ 132 ]

Hello to All (especially classes of '71-'80 onwards and outwards)... and sad goodbyes to Laurie and Annie. Dougal and Annie were among the first Leysin friends I met when I arrived and I was enthralled. My love goes to Gilly and the closure of knowing Tony finally rests: In-f-ing credible that he was found and that we can know about it - What a world we live in, eh Ginger. LEE Eaton I'm here in LA, where Bill & I teach high school love to hear fm any & all

ole eistrup
Dec 2, 2009 12:49 [ 133 ]

Good bye, Annie, my beloved friend Ole

Johanne and Dave Smith
Dec 2, 2009 16:24 [ 134 ]

There is now further news about Annie Haston. She died in her home in Paris of an internal haemorrhage on a date as yet unspecified. Efforts are now underway by the French authorities and the British Embassy in a search for any living relative, which will continue until Dec. 28, 2009. Hopefully a cremation can be arranged in Paris around that time if, as we think, there will be no one else to claim her from family. The hope is to bring her ashes to Leysin where she spent her happiest years.

Some form of celebration of Annie’s life will be planned for those who are able to join us in Leysin. This is all subject to getting permission from the French authorities.

Annie left no will, no power of attorney and no verbal or written wishes, so her estate, such as it may be, could be tied up for some time. Dave and I will cover the cost of the cremation and other close friends through the years have offered to contribute as they can, as a remembrance of their friendship from many years ago or their current caring. Many small tributes to Annie have come by email to Dave and myself and with the help of her Parisian friend Carole and Helen Wells Eyssartier we are doing our best to give Annie a fitting farewell. May Annie’s heart and soul finally rest in quiet peace.

kahy horan
Dec 8, 2009 06:05 [ 135 ]

Hi iDave and Johanne,i would like to contribute to Annies expenses.i will send a money order to your home.I really liked A nnie.We shared some good times nursing together and I really admired her.Regards kathy

john mccall
Dec 11, 2009 04:28 [ 136 ]

johanne,not a vag person .i,ve been there.friend of allen hill.didn,t know annie but did know dougal.i,d be very happy to help with expenses for annie,jgm.

Dave Smith and Johanne Smith
Dec 11, 2009 12:39 [ 137 ]

To Jim McCall: We are still far from knowing what the French authorities will allow us to do if no family turns up for Annie. We thank you, and Annie and Dougal would thank you too, for offering to help with expenses. Please join the frof membership and you will then find our personal email address so we can be in contact once some further decisions are made. Membership is free and I will be able to get your email from the address book too as I have been a member since the beginning. Once again, thank you for your caring. Johanne and Dave

Kathy I have written you separately in an email. XO J.

Dave and Johanne Smith
Dec 11, 2009 12:42 [ 138 ]

Sorry John Mccall, got your name mixed up but have it noted correctly now.

D and J Smith

Dec 22, 2009 22:51 [ 139 ]

Very sorry to hear of Annies passing, she came and stayed with me years ago in Sydney, she got lost, took the wrong ferry and ended up at the Zoo wharf, she walked around two bays with a big bag to find us. She was a wonderful warm person with lots of spirit, she will be sadly missed.

Steve Carroll
Jan 1, 2010 05:58 [ 140 ]

Happy new year, froffies! Peace and love all around.

john mccall
Jan 14, 2010 01:12 [ 141 ]

johanne,i can,t seem to access the members email is,,m very interested in talking to you about dougal and annie.i,m happy to help,john mccall.

Dave and Johanne Smith
Jan 21, 2010 23:18 [ 142 ]

The only further information about Annie Haston is that the French officialdom has not yet got to her "case" after the holidays. We are still waiting on news and will post anything definite as soon as it is known. How frustrating and upsetting for all concerned that this is taking so long to be settled. There is no choice but to wait. Watch guest messages for any updates. Dave and Johanne

Jill Benson
Jan 25, 2010 20:20 [ 143 ]

Greetings Vag friends, Jill Cumming & I are sitting here together enjoying the postings and photos of our beloved Club Vag days. I spent 1976 - 79 winters tending bar and spinning vinyl and a wonderful summer working at the Int Ranger Camp. Canadian Jill ( and I became fast friends during her 1977-78 winter at the Vag. What mischief was had by all and we just want to give a shout out to all the great people we were so lucky to meet. One of our fondest memories was my 25th birthday party on March 1st, 1978 at Prafandaz and oh what a party it was! Not sure how we got home after that one but we think we skied home in the dark, guided by the stars....Since we're together on holiday and reminiscing our glorious days of the Vag we're having raclette for dinner with lots of wine.

Anyone one hear from Steve Sorknes?

Jill C is doing as best as she can with a diagnosis of ALS (Lou Garig's Disease) She's such a couragous fighter and champion for research you must applaud her positive strength and sense of humor, living and appreciaiting each day in the moment - as we all should.

Thanks for the memeories!

Love, Jill & Jilly

Jill Benson
Jan 25, 2010 20:57 [ 144 ]

We've tried to become members but keep getting 'error' reports - any help out there what we're doing wrong? Thanks, Jill & Jilly

Dan Urlich
Jan 25, 2010 21:56 [ 145 ]

There is a problem with the web form at the moment. I am looking into it. Cheers, Dan

Dave and Johanne Smith
Feb 6, 2010 14:45 [ 146 ]

Regarding Annie Haston, October 23,1942 - November 2009

The French authorities have at last settled Annie Haston's "case" and now they are rushing us to complete the cremation at Pere-Lachaise Crematorium in Paris.

Dave and myself, with Helen (Wells) with her husband Jacques Eysarrtier will be going to Paris for the cremation that has been scheduled for Thursday, February 11 with a room reserved in the crematorium for 2 hours from 13h30 on that date. We will scatter Annie's ashes legally in the Garden of Remembrance next to the Crematorium. There is too much red tape to consider bringing her ashes to Leysin and we feel Annie will be happy with our plans for her. Her longstanding friend and previous employer in Paris, Carole, has been of major assistance to us throughout all the bureaucracy involved. There will be no service involved, religious or otherwise, and we will talk amongst ourselves of happy times with Annie. The plan is to move on to Carole's home or a convenient lounge/bar close by to raise a toast to Annie's life.

If anyone is able to come to Paris they would be totally welcome but we realize this is most unlikely for all of you so Dave, myself, Helen and Jacques will be your representatives in this final farewell to Annie.

Annie has sufficient funds in her account controlled by the government to cover all costs, hopefully including some flowers for the casket in the reserved room. We do thank all of those of you who have offered donations if funds were lacking. If flowers are not covered Dave and I will see to it as we will be in Paris from Tuesday to Friday and Jacques and Helen just Thursday night. They will be driving up from the Auvergne.

Annie's personal books will be donated to the public library she used and any of Dougal Haston's climbing books will hopefully find a home with the SMC, Scottish Mountaineering Club, or another suitable place, though the intervention of Chris Bonington.

If anyone is able to come to Paris please let me know as soon as possible so I can pass on information as to any further details. Our phone number is 0041 24 494 1082.

For your information the web site for Pere-Lachaise Crematorium is giving information on the cemetery and its' past and how to get to Le Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise

By next week there will be a full notice under Absent Friends on this same site.

Regards to all, Dave and Johanne Smith

Mary Cain aka (pavillard cain)
Feb 11, 2010 22:38 [ 147 ]

Frof still lives in the hearts and minds of so many. I am venturing back to Switzerland after many years living in Colorado. I will be looking for work teaching english and maybe other things. Jean is officially my wasband and we maintain a loving relationship as we are life long partners who have kids together. Francesca is a Feydey resident at the moment and is teaching with the Ecole de Ski. Madeleine did her two years in Leysin and is at the univ of utah now and teaching skiing and snowboarding in three languages in Brighton above salt lake city. I am looking forward to returning to CH and reconnecting with friends and family. I am planning to arrive in VD the middle of April. Write me if you want to see me: It was Bruce I think that said Leysin is etched in my is etched into my very deeply. I bet a lot of us feel that way. Sending love and blessings, Mary

Peter Craig
Feb 15, 2010 04:31 [ 148 ]

Chuc Mung Nam Moi (Happy New Year) from Saigon, Vietnam in this, The Year of the Tiger. To all you Tigers and Tigeresses out there have a good one and the same goes to all you non tigers. Cheers, Pete

Dave and Johanne Smith
Feb 17, 2010 11:48 [ 149 ]

Please look under Absent Friends to see a tribute to Annie Haston. Regards, Dave and Johanne Smith.

Rory Hale
Mar 16, 2010 17:20 [ 150 ]

What a find! To see the name of that formidable tender of the bar after whom I was privileged to follow, Richard Headifen. To see the name of Mark Weise. What memories. Some of them are actually coming back to me.

Dear Annie.

andrew thomson
Mar 24, 2010 20:09 [ 151 ]

just discovered this web site -my heart weeps for annie-last saw her when she stayed in my flat in Paris before coming back here to scotland-she was a great lady

Richard Headifen
Apr 5, 2010 13:43 [ 152 ]

Hello Rory, good to hear from you. I remember you vey well. Born in England you spoke English with an Australian accent and French like a Parisian. You were a very talented young man and I'm sure you have done very well for yourself. All the best, cheers, Richard.

Rory Hale
Apr 7, 2010 14:11 [ 153 ]

Hello Richard. Really strange. I hope you are keeping well wherever you are. I was born in Wales but hey, that's only like calling a Kiwi an Aussie. Seriously, it's great to connect after all this time.

I'd love to reach Mark. Anne and I have been married almost forty years and she, like myself, sends much love.


Peter Barrie
Apr 10, 2010 08:02 [ 154 ]

Hi All i come to Europe each year for a furnitutre Fair in Milan. Dont ever seem to get the time to come back and i can say that i am very excited to be driving to Leysin right now, sort of, just to get a day or so of Leysin again. Regards, Peter Pastel Barrie

helen wells
Apr 11, 2010 14:32 [ 155 ]

Pastel Pete! What does 'right now' to Leysin mean?? Have you been & gone already?? Next time, please let your old european friends know a tad in advance - would have loved to make the effort to see you (and the alps in spring) had timing been possible.

Dan Urlich
Apr 11, 2010 16:20 [ 156 ]

Right now is right now. I've from a ski with Pete and Kerry on the glacier. Not bad for being hangover after a dinner at Kerry and Biglus's last night :-)

Alex Gardos (Otto)
Apr 11, 2010 18:04 [ 157 ]

May the snow be deep, the skies blue, the wine chilled and the chocolate and cheese plentiful and opened the door to Feydey and I will always be grateful and hold you close to my heart...a tout a l'heure patron, a tout a l'heure...

Hank van Duijn
Apr 13, 2010 11:25 [ 158 ]

Just saw that the Vag's for sale....

Alex Gardos
Apr 13, 2010 18:56 [ 159 ]

Full link:

gotta be and old Vagabonder with some cash and some dreams out there non?

Steve Carroll
Apr 13, 2010 19:40 [ 160 ]

Of course there are, Alex! We're just strapped from pooling resources for group discounts on liver transplants. Pomme-me!

Helen Wells
Apr 13, 2010 22:34 [ 161 ]

If my calculations are correct, the price for the Vag is only just over 830,000 euros, in which case peanuts!!! However, I may be well short of a few zeros...

Apr 14, 2010 08:34 [ 162 ]

Wrote the real estate borker that, considering that the whole inside needs to be stripped, fair value is around CHF 800 k.(CHF!)

Dan Urlich
Apr 14, 2010 09:54 [ 163 ]

If you are really interested try contacting Jan Sanden.

Brian "Abdul" Alhandy
Apr 21, 2010 19:05 [ 164 ]

Snowing and Blowing outside so I thought to play on the internet. Frof came up and I read the most recent postings. A bottle of red will be opened tonight with thoughts of Annie's journey. May it be filled with light. I was fortunate to dine with the Smith's back in 2000. Cheers to Dave and Johanne. Along with a great meeting with Alan in the village. Richard Headifen, I believe it was you and Dave Smith that took me on my first "pub run"??? I passed out in the back seat of the VW at who knows what stop. Jon Travers . . . I developed stomach muscles from the laughter while sitting and drinking with you, your brother Brian RIP, and others. Remember the "snakepit"? Ben Welgemoed, is that you? The discjockey from the Vag disco? And Lee Eaton, I read your posting. Just applied for membership so my email will be available. Looking forward to viewing the photo gallery. I will make an effort to post some classics from the past. Good health and happiness to ALL

May 7, 2010 19:29 [ 165 ]

Hello friends of the Vag , I was auround Club Vagabond aswell allot of my fellow friends from the small sub Bandhagen south Stockholm Sweden circa 1975-80, We used to go together there when we was travelin auround Europe by "Inter Railcard. My nickname in the bar was " Harvey Wallbanger" add by a Australian fellow bar...tender named Rick aka "Pop-Oscar" a name he was given by a Swedish chick named Jenny becouse he was so quite & chick , I`m sure you can find sevral of us in the Guestbooks auround the time, It was qiuite a time ago but I still feel at home when I see the pics both indoors & outdoors also remember We Swede lads meet allot of nicke Canadian & American chicks & guys at the Vag Club , plenty of great memories and fun //couse we went here even wintertime for good skiing and summetime I remeber we went down the village to getv some cheese fondue & those great kingsize beers and a good walk up the stairs to the Vag for partyn !

Cheers Everyone from Tom Sweden born 56.

Jun 16, 2010 07:59 [ 166 ]


You mentioned via Face Book something about reproducing Vagabond T-shirts...anything coming up?


John Chiacchiero
Jun 28, 2010 00:51 [ 167 ]

Hey FROFers! Lived in Leysin 1993 to 1995...was a professor at HOSTA. Have been back to Leysin '97, '99, '04-'08, and heading there for two weeks in August 2010. Leysin never really leaves you...does it?!? Reading all your posts makes me smile...such great memories.

Johanne Smith
Jul 5, 2010 16:13 [ 168 ]

Re Vag T-Shirts - Sandy, still working on the possibility of Vag T-shirts. Now the Vag has been sold again to be made into apartments, maybe more of us would want such a memory from the past. Anyone interested in taking on the project?

Re old Vagabonders returning to Leysin - try the Lynx Bar and the newly re-opened Yeti Bar to catch up with old friends, particularly for a Friday night Happy Hour.

Tim Middleton
Aug 21, 2010 02:43 [ 169 ]

I was a bartender in the summer of 1966 with Bucky Boyle and Flash Irey. Now a writer in New York. Many great adventures in my short tenure. Happy to make your acquaintance.

Pastell Pete
Aug 27, 2010 09:50 [ 170 ]

Hi All, especially Kerry, Bigluss and Dan, I thought i was there only yesterday, can't believe it was over 4 months ago, thats what 2 seasons in Leysin and the Vag will do........... It was great to catch up with you guys, fantastic hosts and lots of laughs and even some good skiing on the Glacier in April, only been back x 2 since 1985 however there is something wonderful about driving up the road into Leysin and equilly as sad driving out. Thanks again and maybee see you on the slopes in January 2011, Pastel Pete

PS LE Bockli is a fantastic Bed and Breakfast, great position, clean and very reasonable. Dont Use the Hairdryer to dry out your ski boots though.......if you break it you will be in trouble with the boss..........Cheers PP

Aug 30, 2010 20:55 [ 171 ]

Hi folks, I spent a great week at the Vag in summer '66, and travelled with a bunch of vagabonds for a month or so. I'm trying to reconstruct my memories to write a memoir piece that features that visit.

Can anyone from that era help me remember the layout of the first couple of floors.

Where was the lounge with the fireplace? The dining room? The bar? The registration desk?

What unfolded as you came in the door from the front road? Was that the second floor?

What, besides the bartenders room, was on the first floor? How did you get out to the big patio in back?

Also, where was the bistro La Lorraine? The American School? Chalet Elisabeth? Who lived in Chalet E?

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Jon Travers
Sep 5, 2010 12:15 [ 172 ]

I'm calling out to any Frofies in the Kelowna, BC region. A young bloke, Australian, 24 yrs old, Owen Rooney who has gone missing from that area.He was last seen at Grand Forks after being take to hospital by the police following a beating by a couple of blokes. He subsequently walked out of the hospital leaving all his effects behind. ( ID , credit cards, passport etc.) Dazed and confused, perhaps. He had been living in Kelowna with his sisters, Bree & Kelly. His parents, Steve & Sharon, are in Kelowna now & have put up posters and his disappearance has received media attention. He is a local boy, a mate of our kids, electrician by trade, a steady character & as we all understand, a lover of a good time. Please keep an eye out . Cheers JT.

Judith Ryerse Ingwersen
Sep 10, 2010 20:18 [ 173 ]

My sister, Cindy and I were at the Club Vag in 1970, then again in 1978. My husband Bill was at the Vag in December 1970 and with us in 1978. We brought our kids back to Leysin in 1999 and stayed within ear shot of the Vag at "The Hiking Sheep." Out kids fell in love with the place just as we did! The Prafandaz was amazing! Does anyone know where "Alex" is? Time for another visit! This updates my email from comments left in 1998...

Judith Ryerse Ingwersen
Sep 10, 2010 20:23 [ 174 ]

My email doesn't come up so I will try again!

Nov 12, 2010 20:27 [ 175 ]

Just watched the "demolition" slideshow. Sigh! End of an era, end of a shrine that was much loved by many. But the Vag guy has his pipe firmly in his mouth, his stick and bag over his shoulder, hat firmly in place and looks like he's heading out on new adventures. Good luck to him! Good luck to all of us! Thanks to whoever made the slideshow. Much appreciated! Cheers! Bruce Elkin, The Vag '66

Nov 15, 2010 09:34 [ 176 ]

Very sad!

Johanne Smith
Nov 22, 2010 09:37 [ 177 ]

An ending is a beginning!

Jon Travers
Dec 17, 2010 07:09 [ 178 ]

Saw the photos of the Vag demolition and thought of one of John Prine's songs: "If dreams were lightning and thunder desire, This old place would have burned down a long time ago." Here's to all those flitting ghosts and lingering memories. Cheers, JT

Richard Headifen
Dec 19, 2010 16:22 [ 179 ]

The drawing of the Vagabond man on the bar wall was done by Claude Simone a cartoonist living in Paris. He and his wife were frequent visitors in the early 1960's. The vagabond sign that was hung outside the front door was a copy done by Jimmy Smith who lived half way between Taumarunui and Taringamotu where I spent my teenage years. The sign caused an instant furore amongst the locals who wanted it taken down. It took the combined intercession of Silvio di Mercurio who was the director of the Grand Hotel, Guy's father Albert Neithardt, Albino Viecelli and Luc van der Kaay to convince the Commune that the building was not a haven for hobos who slept in hay stacks and stole chickens. A merry Christmas to all. Cheers, Phones.

Alex Gardos
Dec 31, 2010 22:14 [ 180 ]

Bonne Année a tous! Make some turns for me folks... Big ones... Jean Martin Entre le Tours Luisset


Hank van Duijn
Jan 3, 2011 03:29 [ 181 ]

Happy New Year 2011 to all!

Jan 3, 2011 10:47 [ 182 ]

Happy New Year!!! All the best!!!

Jim Beamish
Jan 14, 2011 01:20 [ 183 ]

I was at the Vag for the winter of 1968/69. John Barclay, Gary Phillips, Dave Johnson, Pepi, Jan Lawrence, Dave Christian and many others were good drinking buddies. Sad to see it gone but I have great memories. Sorry to learn of Annie's passing. I certainly remember her along with the climbing fraternity of Leysin. If I can find them, I will try to post some of my old photos.

Tunc Kaymak
Jan 19, 2011 13:43 [ 184 ]

Hi to all ACS alumnies

Cleaning up the attıc,

had found ACS YearBook "Le Passeport 1977" 35 years later.. still.. Great Memories!! Scanned and uploaded the 36 Mb pdf file to both Rapidshare and Hotfile ftp sites. İf you wish to download pls go



Jan 25, 2011 09:37 [ 185 ]

Johaaaaaannneee!!!! Hi, any news on the T-shirts? Best rgds!

Jan 31, 2011 02:36 [ 186 ]

Since I live in HK now I probably could get a good good deal on the T/polo-shirts. Let me know if any interest... Would also need a sample of the Vagabonder. Looking fwd to reactions!

Feb 1, 2011 09:52 [ 187 ]

Sounds good !

Don't let the memory fade away!!!

Johanne Smith
Feb 15, 2011 17:17 [ 188 ]

For Hank in H.K. T-Shirts would be great for the reunion this Sept.I am looking into a few places where they could be made and sold in Leysin so some local shop could benefit.We don't want the hassle of doing this ourselves. 4 people are checking for me now. How would you get shirts from H.K. to here without paying duty? I guess you could bring a big suitcase! We don't know numbers yet, invites are still going out, and of course would need to give the whole business end, don't forget credit cards, to a business in town.We have no money for this reunion, not even for the ink I am using so need to think of all the little things involved. If you have more info re shirts please pass it on to my email on the invitation. Have got a plan for the reunion T-Shirt if we can get it done somehow. XO Johanne

Feb 24, 2011 00:12 [ 189 ]

Hi, I'm trying to wright with a German accent. 1964 Living in Geneva, I came all-most every weekend to Leysin till I broke my left leg in 1965, skiing the Bernaise. Ginger and other Vagabonds came to see me in Hospital. An Austrian friend introduced me to the Club. I'm hopefully find my membership-card to show in September. Living in Geneva (fast moving human contacts) lost the ability to make lasting friends. Only Hungarian Bernö, also a Vagabond member, I recall. But he left Geneva for South Africa, Where are you? Otherwise! Being young and arrogant, shame on me. But the weekends in the Vagabond gave me a lot, towed me many things like tolerance and other abilities. After 9 month plastered leg, in November 1966 I went to the Profondas slope alone and tried to ski again, success. So much for tonight. If you remember me, I know, I was a sh... in sum ways,I apologize. But I had more grate times in the Vag then negative ones. Elmar

Don christian
Feb 27, 2011 00:23 [ 190 ]

Seey a all in Sept 2011

Leslie Lovejoy
Mar 10, 2011 06:52 [ 191 ]

I was a Vag Hag in the early 70's...moved on to work at Hefti Sports...!973-1983 are my years in Leysin.... I have this date earmarked on my calendar and am hoping to be at this reunion. I just learned of the Club Vagabond many memories.

Brian Skehill
Mar 26, 2011 00:09 [ 192 ]

Ramsey see you at the reunion.

Kim Ramsey
Mar 27, 2011 20:33 [ 193 ]

Not if I see you first! Email me your itinerary. At . Anybody else going can email me too. I am staying with Clark & Simon Emerson and sharing a room with Chicken Phat. Should be a nice quiet visit………………..NOT!

Edmund Barrett
Mar 28, 2011 19:36 [ 194 ]

I worked in Leysin 77-79. Was a frequenter of the Vag many evenings and am looking forward to meeting old friends at the reunion in Sept.

Steve Cowell (scooter)
Apr 13, 2011 12:28 [ 195 ]

Hi Guys seems funny to be on here after all this time . Kia ora from New Zealand

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