Mother of all Reunions

April 23, 2014 in Leysin

Hey Folks,
Have recently and reluctantly joined Facebook, out of fear that by the time I reach a ripe old age (still young yet) I might not have any friends left. Facebook seems to be the communication medium. What happened to emails and phone calls??
If you have the time and patience, a full pictorial of the Mother Of All Reunions – The Vagabond Reunion 2011, can be found on my face page. All 800 plus pics.
Yup, just could not decide what to delete, so I loaded the whole fff—n bunch.
We all had a perfect week in a perfect place and compliments to the crew that facilitated the event.
Love to see another, I would not miss it for any amount of money.
Of note, I owe Allan Moore a $100 on a bet, he just has to come to Maine to collect.
Cheers to ALL,


Rob Newcombe
Whale’s Tooth Pub & Restaurant

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